If you follow below mentioned maintenance instructions for the kitchen sink, stainless steel will keep its fine and clean appearance at all times.

  1. After using the kitchen sink wipe off stains, rinse with water and scrub with dry cloth. Use steel cream designated for steel products periodically. After cleaning the surface with steel cream applied to a soft cloth or sponge, rinse it with plenty of water and then dry the surface.
  2. Acids, silver cleaning material, salty solutions and wall paper adhesives usually leave stains within couple of hours of their use. If this type of material ever touches the kitchen sink after cleaning them immediately, rinse with plenty of water and dry the surface with cloth.
  3. Do not leave wet metal products made of iron or similar material that can easily get rusted inside the kitchen sink for long periods of time. The rust of those leaves stains on the surface of kitchen sink.
  4. DO NOT USE THESE; Cleaning / scrubbing powder, hard cleaning sponges and brushes that scratch the surface of the kitchen sink
  5. Sometimes scratches may appear on surface during normal use but they do not lower the quality of kitchen sink. A very thin layer of oxidation appears on the surface of stainless steel which provides protection against corrosion and erosion.

Stuck dirt, Oil stains, Tea or coffee stains - Wipe off all cleaning material used for removing stains with a cloth or sponge and rise the surface with warm water. You can use cleaning material consisting chlorine to remove stubborn stains without making contact for long periods of time.

Salt or lime stains - You can use stain removing cleaning material to remove stains or apply 25% vinegar solution to remove dry staine. Apply solution to stains for about 1 minute, clean the surface with plenty of water and then dry it.

Rust stains - In case of rust stains on the surface of kitchen sink due to use of mould pots and pans, you can apply cleaning agent used for cleaning valuable materials. However, these types of detergents polish the surface and leave stains. Therefore the following rules must be observed.

  1. Do not use this type of material very often and carefully scrub the surface where the stain is located.
  2. If you are using panelled or top mounted kitchen sink clean or scrub the surface lengthwise. Clean the inner surface of the kitchen sink with circular movements.